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bearing witness 1.jpg

Brenda's art practice is characterised by a strong influence from the Victorian era memento mori, delving into themes of mourning and loss. Vintage photos serve as inspiration for her imagery, which she builds up and overlays. Brenda employs the technique of screen printing directly onto glass, complemented by hand-painted elements. The glass is then fired in a kiln multiple times to achieve the desired depth in the image.

Each piece of artwork carries an underlying narrative that guides its overall direction. While Brenda may have a preliminary idea of the outcome, she embraces the organic evolution of the glass and paint, allowing them to assume their own voice throughout the creative process. Her works are not intended as literal retellings of the stories behind them, but rather as emotional responses to the chosen topics. 

Brenda employs a range of glass techniques to create her canvases, including casting, fusing, and blowing forms. Her production methods are meticulous and time-consuming. At times she may incorporate additional materials such as found objects or human hair.

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